ModFurn specialises in taking the pain out of project management and offers comprehensive solutions for construction, renovation, or interior design projects.

Our services include:

Project Planning and Scope Definition:

Working closely with you to understand your requirements and objectives, ModFurn helps define the scope of the project, including the specific needs and specifications related to the project.

Design and Material Selection:

ModFurn assists you in selecting suitable designs, materials, finishes, and fixtures for your project. We provide expert advice on choosing the right flooring, walls and partitions, doors, and related components based on your preferences, budget, and project goals.

Budgeting and Cost Management:

ModFurn helps you establish a realistic budget for your project, considering the costs of materials, labor, equipment, and other necessary expenses. We aim tomanage costs effectively throughout the project, ensuring that the budget remains on track.

Project Execution and Coordination:

ModFurn takes charge of managing and coordinating all aspects of the project, including scheduling, procurement, and subcontractor management. We ensure timely delivery of materials, oversee the whole project, and supervise the workmanship.

Quality Assurance:

ModFurn focuses on maintaining high-quality standards throughout the project. We conduct regular inspections to ensure that the project meets the expected quality levels, adhering to design specifications and building codes.

Stakeholder Communication:

Effective communication is vital in project management. ModFurn ensures that you, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders are kept informed about project progress, milestones, and any changes or issues that may arise.

Risk Mitigation:

ModFurn identifies potential risks and challenges that could impact the project's success. We develop strategies and contingency plans to mitigate these risks, minimising any potential disruptions or delays.

By engaging ModFurn's services, you can expect a streamlined and hassle-free project management experience. We aims to take the pain out of managing projects allowing you to focus on your vision while leaving the coordination and execution in our capable hands.