We provide local-business quality and care at big-business price points. All over the country, businesses, interior designers, architects, building contractors, and individuals trust ModFurn.

Businesses, contractors, and designers across the Newcastle and Hunter Valley trust ModFurn’s parent brand, Stuart and Dunn Office Choice. Our competitors, even the very largest in the country, just can’t match our customer loyalty.

Why? Because people love our positivity, our reliability, and our prices.

In the Newcastle and Hunter Valley regions, people know us as a family-friendly business that truly cares. Over the years, we’ve built up a stellar reputation that attracts online and outlet customers from every corner of the nation.

ModFurn was born when Stuart and Dunn decided to give its full office fit-outs a brand of its own. We don’t just supply office furniture. We have years of experience working with architects, designers, and builders from day 1, all the way through to completion.

ModFurn manages office builds and rebuilds for organisations of all kinds, with the attention to quality that built the Stuart and Dunn name.